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Corporate governance in a digital world

Board work – a play without audience.

The stage is set. There is a script and a director. But how do board members play their roles?

Does the company receive the attention it should have? Who reviews the act?

The shareholders should be assured that the actors have played their roles well. There is a way. How does it work?  Our experience shows that board members can identify roles. They can select which member take on a specific role. The evaluation is based on questionnaire.

The review results in a snapshot that shows balance, degree of involvement and even personal profiles. Boards use it for discussion and improvement. The nomination committee sees what skill and what kind of personality to look for. 

More about roles

Board members take on different roles. Some of them are based on skills that correspond search profiles. However, there are many roles. A board member is confronted with a variety of questions about the company and the organisation, about production and markets not forgetting the outside world. Board work is about control and strategy, vision and to deliver results. 

Dynamics depend on personal characteristics. It may be influenced by dominance, prestige and power and personality. Board members can be outgoing or withdrawn. Integrity, candor and courage will leave positive marks. Dynamic roles are about drive and caution, challenge and analyses, acting independently and seeking to integrate and being more or less risk orientated.  

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