Digital Governance

Corporate governance in a digital world

Our creed

We firmly believe that it takes leadership and fruitful interplay between owners and boards and CEOs all the way to frontline managers to make a company thrive in the digital world. Governance stands for how companies are directed and controlled all levels involved. Digital governance it is about how it is performed in a rapidly changing world. 

We do believe that leadership can be found on every level in the company, but that digital transformation must involve all levels. Information should flow from the organisation to the board who will return decisions based on knowledge about a changing strategic landscape.

Our contribution

We produce articles which draw on experience of transformation from owners whenever present, boards, CEOs, business leaders and digital managers. Our blog comments on articles and on opinions, views, comments from our network, on this blog and elsewhere; literature and research from the digital forefront. 

Your contribution

We invite you to tune in, read and participate in the discussion. The challenges are global. Competition reaches every corner of the world. We take our lunches in Stockholm, Sweden, but articles or blog texts dropped in the digital ocean will reach every shore. We want to draw on your experience about digital transformation wherever you are.

About us

We have been involved in board work and governance for more than thirty years. During the last fifteen years evaluating boards and organizing roundtable discussions.