Digital Governance

Corporate governance in a digital world

Board work – a play without audience.

The stage is set. There is a script and a director. But how do board members play their roles? Does the company receive the attention it should have? Who reviews the act? The shareholders should be assured that the actors have played their roles well. There is a way. How does it work?  Our experience shows that board members can identify roles. They can select which member take on a … Read more

The digital wind is sweeping in on every business.

Who opens the window to the board room? Increasing number of companies realize that it is not enough to have one digital alibi on the board. If you want to look ahead and discuss strategies, you need the interaction of several directors. Several boards now have a critical mass of young directors forged in the digital era.  David R. Beatty, a Canadian director, remarked in a recent blog on Walmart’s … Read more

Top digital predators

A few years ago, there were warnings that buildings have incompatible digital systems. The big cloud providers – Amazon, Google, Microsoft – realized that it would slow down growth. They agreed on systems for exchange of data. This advance means that buildings are not tied to one cloud provider and can integrate data from different suppliers. A new landscape This move of cloud providers shifts the strategic landscape. Someone can take … Read more

Trekking unknown territories

What future awaits your company in a digital world? Scenario thinking is a way for boards and management to test and outline the unknown. The digital global world is changing as technologies like AI and G5 are being developed. New competitors are surging, and new alliances are forming. The impact is global. What alternative scenarios can be drawn up and in which your company can prosper? Each discussion of alternative futures … Read more